VR Novel Tokyo Chronos' Kickstarter Is A Success

VR Novel Tokyo Chronos' Kickstarter Is A Success
August 16, 2018

Studio MyDearest's visual novel for PlayStation VR, Oculus RIFT and HTC Vive Tokyo Chronos just passed its Kickstarter funding goal.


Today the Kickstarter campaign for the virtual reality visual novel Tokyo Chronoshas finally reached its funding goal of $75,000 with five days to go before the end of the campaign.


For those unfamiliar, Tokyo Chronos is a virtual reality visual novel for PC and PlayStation VR developed by Studio MyDearest featuring lovely and definitely catchy character design by LAM.


The mystery-oriented scenario is written by Kou Segawa and the project is led by Sword Art Online Producer Miki Kazuma, which is pretty appropriate if you ask me.


Interestingly, the game managed to draw the attention and enthusiastic comments of many veterans of the industry, including Muv-Luv creator Koki Yoshimune.


The game will be compatible with PlayStation Vr, Oculus RIFT and HTC Vive, and the estimated release date is May 2019.


Just a couple of days ago, fans feared that development would be endangered by layoffs at Sekai Project, but the publisher promised that the game won’t be affected as the Kickstarter funding will go to studio MyDearest for development and Tokyo Otaku Mode for reward fulfilling. None of the two companies were touched by the layoffs.


If you want to contribute further to development (or grab a physical PS4 copy which will be a backer-exclusive), you can do so at the game’s official Kickstarter page.

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