Visit The World Of Netflix's Series 'She-Ra' In VR

Visit The World Of Netflix's Series 'She-Ra' In VR
October 28, 2018
The lush, purple world of She-Ra. Image: Netflix


You can’t yet watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, but you can briefly visit its world.


Today, Dreamworks shared the new promotional website for the upcoming Netflix show, which has a pretty interesting wrinkle: it’s available in virtual reality. If you view the website using a VR device, or just your phone, what was once a pretty straightforward promo website—some character bios, a link to the trailer—becomes a lot more impressive.


From the VR perspective, it’s a look at a lush crystal palace, information about the show’s world arranged in space, with elegant lighting and a quiet sense of wonder. It’s a simple trick—that sense of immersion does wonders—but it’s a neat one, and it’s fun to see it used for something like this.

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