Tokyo Theme Park Gets Immersive Theater Show

Tokyo Theme Park Gets Immersive Theater Show
August 14, 2018

The Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park is getting an immersive theater experience titled "Toki no Hako ga Aku Toki" (When the Time Box Opens). A special website will open to reveal more details about the experience on August 17.

In immersive theater, audience members occupy the same performance space as the show's cast and actively participate in the performance. Performers interact with audience members to move the story forward.


The dance company DAZZLE is producing the new One Piece immersive theater experience. The audience will became inhabitants of the One Piece world, and while moving throughout the theme park, they will uncover secrets of the story.


Tickets will go on sale on August 25, and the experience is slated to debut in late September.


Tokyo One Piece Tower is also running a new "Tokyo Pirates Festival" from July 14 to September 14. The theme park inside Tokyo Tower opened in 2015, and in its story, Tokyo Tower is a triangle-shaped island called "Tongari Jima" (Chestnut Island). Last year's "Tokyo Pirates Festival" marked the One Piece franchise's 20th anniversary.

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