Star Wars Teases Darth Vader-related VR Project

Star Wars Teases Darth Vader-related VR Project
September 26, 2018


"Prepare for his arrival."


The events of Star Wars might take place in a galaxy far, far away from us, but the magic of the series is set to come to (virtual) life very soon indeed.


Sending fans into a frenzy, the official Instagram account for Star Wars told its followers to 'prepare for Darth Vader's arrival' in a brand new promo for ILMxLAB.


ILMxLAB itself built the tension even further, warning users to "alert all commands".

The brains behind "hyper-reality experience" Secrets of the Empire, ILMxLAB is an "immersive entertainment and virtual reality laboratory from Lucasfilm", so expect to get closer to Vader than ever before.


We'd rather get up close and personal with Chewie, but hey, we'll take it.


This latest venture comes after Disney big boss Bob Iger conceded that there had been too much Star Wars output in recent years. Virtual reality experiences definitely don't count, then.

Referencing the two Episode movies we've had since 2012, as well as the two spin-offs, Iger said there had been perhaps "a little too much" content "too fast".


"I think we're gonna be a little bit more careful about volume and timing," he said in a recent interview. "And the buck stops here on that."

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