Nutaku's Sexbot Simulator Gets New Upgrade

Nutaku's Sexbot Simulator Gets New Upgrade
October 6, 2018

Nutaku, an adult-oriented distributor of video games, has announced plans to offer more inclusive games on their platform beginning with Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator according to a press release from the company.


Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is a game with well… a patently ridiculous (although somewhat believable plot). After the invention of sexbots, humanity’s desire to actually reproduce falls into decline. Famine and nuclear war soon follow, rendering the planet Earth completely uninhabitable. Thankfully, a spaceship filled with a few of humanity’s most hedonistic people remains and you’ll find yourself in the position of making sure the ever-important sexbots are working properly. How? Well, by testing them thoroughly, of course.


Nutaku is constantly moving to expand their catalog and what they can offer on their platform. A recent element of this expansion is an aim towards being more inclusive of LGBT people and niche interests, and that first step has manifested in an update to Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator.

One of the new features in Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is the ability to change skin colors.

New (and somewhat unconventional) anatomical features have also made their way into the game.


This virtual reality title for PC has been out for some time, and a brand-new update brings a little more variety to the game for its players. Both sexes now have interchangeable genitals, so you can have a man with a vagina or a woman with a penis (as illustrated in our very carefully censored image above). These options can be applied to both the player character and the AI that you will be, er, interacting with.


Of course, you’ll also be able to pair up with a woman and a man, two women, or two men – however you like to do it. While sandbox sex simulators usually skew towards particularly preferences, Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is aiming to offer something for everyone. This is perhaps the first notable step in Nutaku’s goal of offering something for everyone in the adult gaming world.


This update is now live in Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator. You can pick it up for yourself over at Nutaku for $19.99 or your regional equivalent [NSFW]. A VR headset is recommended, but it thankfully isn’t required.

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