NBA's Dallas Mavericks Unveils Huge AR Mural

NBA's Dallas Mavericks Unveils Huge AR Mural
November 1, 2018

Groove Jones helped the Dallas Mavericks launch the largest AR installation ever and fans got to experience it for the season opener. This spectacular wall AR experience can be found on the largest canvas available in the heart of downtown Dallas. The mural stretches across the YMCA building and measures 70′ x 200′, making it the largest Augmented Reality installations using the Spark AR Studio on Facebook.

Fans of Dennis Smith Jr. can see him come to life in a larger-than-life dunk that stretches across the multi-story structure. The AR experience uses Facebook image recognition technology as a key to activate the giant mural creating a dramatic effect for the viewer.


Since AR Studio opened in December of 2017, companies have been able to build effects where people can place 3D objects into their surroundings, and interact with them in real-time. Facebook has added image/target tracking capabilities to the platform which allows the camera to track an image and open an immersive experience, making Dallas Mavs AR that largest on the platform. This real-world capability gives AR immediate context to the fans when tied directly to real places and things.

We want our fans to be proud that we’re the first team to do something this big with augmented reality. We are grateful to Groove Jones who helped us bring this experience to Dallas,” said Jerome Elenez, CMO of the Dallas Mavericks.


How Did We Do It?

The Groove Jones team worked with the Dallas Mavericks CMO, Jerome Elenez on the development for the season opener. “They had this great mural design of Dennis Smith Jr., that was based on some game footage. We loved the energy and action that was captured in the frame and we wanted to bring it to life,” said Dale Carman, Partner and ECD of Groove Jones.


The Groove Jones team rotoscoped the video footage of DSJR frame by frame and composited into a 3d environment. While Facebooks Spark platform has a robust set of tools, we had to create special plane tracking, image sequence playback, and special javascript timers to make this work. Plus, imagine having to create VFX that is over 10 stories tall and keep it under 2MB!


We integrated components our own GrooveTech AR in the Facebook Spark AR platform seamlessly and in the matter of a few weeks, we had an amazing experience that anyone can view on their own device.

How Does It Work?

The AR experience is being promoted through the Dallas Mavs website, mobile App and social channels. Fans can engage with it by clicking on the posted links or through the Mavs App, where they will be automatically taken to the Facebook Camera Filter to activate the mural.

If you are interested in seeing it from the comfort of your own home, you can activate the filter via this link – and point your camera at the photo of the wall mural below. (If you are viewing this post on a PC web browser, it will ask to send you a notification to your mobile device so you can view the Facebook Filter.)

Want to watch it again? Slide the filter Blade on the Facebook Camera View and tap the Dallas Mavs icon to relaunch the filter.

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