KOPPS Unveils New Song: 'Virtual Reality'

KOPPS Unveils New Song: 'Virtual Reality'
January 19, 2019

Citing influences from KoЯn to Britney Spears, KOPPS is here to show there’s nothing more serious than a good beat.


KOPPS is here for the revolution of making the music you want to make. And so far, the revolution will be filled with dancing, moshing, and periods of honest contemplation. Citing influences from KoЯn to Britney Spears, KOPPS is here to show there’s nothing more serious than a good beat.


If you're new to the Rochester-based band, why not check out their latest single, ‘Virtual Reality’? The club-worthy beat and melody belie the sombre nature of the lyrics. As you listen, read on to get to know the band a little better as they break down their sound, ‘Virtual reality’, and social media/ technology affecting art and artists.


How would you describe the Rochester music scene? What do you think separates it from other New York scenes?

A bit scarce, but what is good is very good. Rochester is full of dumb cover bands that moms flock to, however, we are kind of a diamond in the ruff for a few solid acts that have ended up getting national attention in the last 5 years. There is a group of us in the city that are all around the same age and have been signed with different labels, and we always joke that there must be something in the Rochester Kodak water. New York City is just kind of a music Mecca, and every night you can see a nationally recognized artist that lives within city limits, so Rochester is pretty much the opposite of that.


Your sound borrows from genres that on paper seem disparate, but in practice meld so well together. Was this a sound that just came naturally? Was there a period of experimentation with other genres?

We definitely genre bend and are proud to do so- it’s always very difficult for us when we get the usual “what genre is your music” question. We have always walked a line between dance music and alt; we pull from a lot of different sounds. One thing that has remained constant is a blending of many electronic elements with some natural instruments, and pop undertones when it comes to the songwriting itself. We have never had a period where we did a 180 and tried a totally outside genre- we have always been somewhere between alt dance and pop dance


With ‘Virtual Reality’, there’s a questioning of social media and relationships. Do you find people spend more time crafting an online image rather than their true selves? Do you think this affects art, music, etc?

I do. Sadly, I think our socials have become a part of our relationship “resume,” with the number of followers being attached to our worth and photos contributing to how attractive we are perceived to be. I’ve heard humans say that they didn’t think a person was attractive right off the bat until they looked at the person’s Instagram. With that, people are trying to “sell” the best version of themselves online, and I think a lot of it is very disingenuous and based on what is trending. It certainly affects music and art with musicians being among the biggest offenders. I’ve heard of artists having a point person that creates their entire social persona for them. Captions, opinions, a personality, etc. which is very sad because it creates an unrealistic idea of who artists are for fans, which fans then compare to themselves. 'Virtual Reality' touches on becoming obsessed with someone’s social persona, and the struggle of not being able to connect in the real world, which I think is very relatable in the current atmosphere where all of this seems to be acceptable and “normal.”


What trends are you seeing in the industry as a whole that have you as artists excited to be making music?

Artists that are not on labels but still having major success. I’ve been shocked to find out some artists that I’ve thought were signed forever are actually independent, and this means that musicians in 2019 have the power to promote themselves using technology and that labels are becoming more and more unnecessary to find your audience- and with labels being more and more choosy about signings and how much income they provide to an artist, I think this is a huge positive as far as undiscovered talent having a shot.


You partnered with Daniel Armbruster (Joywave) on your last single, ‘HOTT’. Who are two artists/ bands that you would like to see partner up and write some music together?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj because strong women need to unite in pussy power in 2019.
US AND CUPCAKKE because it would be fucking crazy

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