Google's AR Stickers Are Now Called Playground

Google's AR Stickers Are Now Called Playground
October 10, 2018

Google has rebranded its augmented reality stickers today, officially changing to Playground as announced during the Pixel 3 event held in New York City. 


AR stickers were initially announced by the company last fall, but the new Playground mode is entirely in 3D and developed with a better sense of spatial and object recognition.


blog post detailing the change explains that Playground will now exist as a special mode for the Pixel camera and will suggest in real-time new AR animations to fit the environment a user is in regardless of whether the front or rear-facing cameras are used. 


In conjunction with the rebranding, Google has introduced four new packs of these AR animations dubbed Playmoji, but they currently cannot be downloaded.


It's worth noting that these new features all show as being incompatible with current Pixel devices, so it's likely the new Playmoji may end up being Pixel 3-exclusive.

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