Is This The Future Of Amusement Parks?

Is This The Future Of Amusement Parks?
November 14, 2018

Arena Space, a virtual reality provider known for its modular VR parks in Eastern Europe, is set to debut a new format for building amusement parks based on augmented reality technologies and full immersion VR.


While the company is playing a bit fast and loose with the term “amusement park” (only 12 people would be able to use the fully interactive space at a time), the concept goes well beyond the motion simulators you may see at your local mall or arcade. The space would include standard format VR cubes, a VR arcade zone, educational content, an augmented reality zone, and two free roam zones with a total area of 200 sm.


ARena Space believes the concept will cater to different groups of people at different times throughout the day: mothers and children in the morning, tennagers in the afternoon, young professionals or work events at night, and families on weekends.


The concept will be presented in Orlando at the IAAPA Attractions Expo.

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