Explore The World's Gastronomy Capital In VR

Explore The World's Gastronomy Capital In VR
December 15, 2018

There are plenty of reasons to visit Lyon.


For hedonists, France's capital of gastronomy offers endless opportunities to indulge themselves.


For film fans, visiting the birthplace of modern cinema is simply a must.


For history buffs, Lyon offers a chance to explore the old capital of Gaul as well as "la Résistance".


Join us for a virtual guided tour of Lyon

In this interactive 360-degree video, Freddy Tennyson will show you some of his favourite places in the city.


He has chosen a place to see, a place to eat and a place to sleep — maybe they can inspire you to take a trip to France's second largest metropolis.


Start the interactive 360-degree experience by clicking on the image below. You can enter full-screen mode by clicking the binoculars. Don't forget to turn the sound on, and the experience works best on a computer.

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