Discover Singapore's First VR Park Attractions

Discover Singapore's First VR Park Attractions
November 22, 2018

So are we braver than a K-pop star?


We’ve gunned down virtual zombies and have travelled to outer space via a VR escape room. But go on a VR rollercoaster — and with BigBang member Seungri? Now that’s a first. Okay, so we didn’t exactly cosy up next to the K-popster at HeadRock VR, the first VR theme park on our shores which spans 500sqm (about five 4-room HDB flats) next to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa. Instead, Seungri hopped on three of the 11 rides with his fans when he swung by for the grand opening last week. We gawked at the K-popster getting flung around mercilessly on virtual rollercoasters, then went to try it for ourselves while he continued to linger around for a meet-and-greet with his fans. Are we braver than Seungri? Can wimps tahan these VR rides? Is it as fun as it’s cut out to be? Could he hear us scream as he was signing autographs?

1/16 A cut above the rest

While his bandmates are all serving mandatory military service in Korea, the 28-year-old BigBang member has been busying himself with a solo album and a plethora of business ventures including HeadRock VR, where he’s been appointed Creative Director of Mediafront, the Korean company behind the theme park. Also under his glitzy belt, a chain of ramen restaurants, bars and clubs. And the youngest member of the boyband even fielded all questions at the media preview in English. Impressive. But we digress. So far, we've found out that Seungri can cut real ribbons with flair. And we're about to see for ourselves if he can handle virtual reality rides.

2/16 Flying Dive

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter is the imposing Flying Dive ride, which takes you right on an exhilarating journey to an erupting volcano. You’re strapped in, suspended and dropped from a height of about 3 metres (which is meant to feel like a plunge that’s more than 1km deep). The ride itself isn’t long — probably a couple of minutes — but expect a fair bit of swinging around the area and, of course, several heart-stopping drops into the hot magma. Yikes.

3/16 Flying Dive (cont'd)

We’ve seen Seungri swinging across the Indoor Stadium from more death-defying heights at BigBang concerts in the past, but this one still drew the loudest screams from the K-popster. Guess everything’s more immersive — and scarier — with VR goggles on.
Fun factor: 4.5/5

4/16 Jungle Rafting

You’re riding on a raft through a Jurassic Park-like jungle theme park as a tourist. Bonus: Seungri’s your ‘tour guide’ (there’s no VR Seungri, unfortunately, just his voiceover). Of course, the voyage through rivers, waterfalls, dark caves is hardly a smooth one, especially when there are dinosaurs involved along the way. Although there are a few thrilling drops that startled us, Seungri seemed unfazed by it all. Maybe listening to your own voice has a soothing effect.
Fun factor: 4/5

5/16 Extreme Train

You’re on a mission to find a utopian paradise by way of a bumpy ride on a rickety train cabin that tears through the jungle on flimsy tracks. It snakes through a jungle canopy, meanders through narrow cliffside pathways and dances dangerously through drops at an almost 90-degree angle. Rollercoaster wimps may find this petrifying, but not Seungri. The dude was so calm throughout the ride, it was as if he were on the Sentosa monorail taking in the sights. Or maybe he was actually being a tourist (tip: look out for a special appearance by the Gardens by the Bay’s Supertrees and, not one, but two Merlions.)
Fun factor: 3.5/5

6/16 Happy Selfie

Motion sickness is real, even in the VR world. And if you’re like most folks and find that you need a break after about three rides, duck in here for a selfie, or five, set against various scenarios (dinosaurs invading Sentosa, anyone?). Then print them out to take home as a souvenir.
Fun factor: 2/5

7/16 Jump Jump

For those who are too chicken to try out Flying Dive, schlep to Jump Jump, where you’re strapped on to a swing that suspends you from up to a height of 2.5m. Choose between swinging through the jungle or atop New York skyscrapers. We picked the latter, only to be told later on that it was the scarier of the two. Indeed, there were more sudden jerks as you make your way over the city, teeter on sky bridges and free fall through…okay, we won’t spoil the fun. But if you’re afraid of heights, this will definitely leave you with sweaty palms, at the very least. The jungle adventure, in comparison, is much less jerky but has bigger drops. 
Fun factor: 4.5/5

8/16 Horror Room

“Are you ready to go to hell?” the staff chirpily asks once we’re strapped in and ready to go. As it turns out, we’re chauffeured by a skeleton in a wobbly primitive carriage on this journey to hell. Of course, there’s no GPS because you get lost in the depths of the underworld, incurring the wrath of the dead and zombies that roam around. Still, a fairly tame ride.
Fun factor: 3.5/5

9/16 Storm Blizzard

The gist: Brave a snowstorm, zip through the forest in the dead of winter on a dog sled to rescue some lost hikers. The twist: You get sidetracked yourself, but nothing that’s too hard to handle. But be prepared for the cold — the room temperature is maintained at 15 degrees Celsius to mimic winter (sorta). But unlike hard core adventurers, you can request for blankets if you think you’re going to freeze from a few minutes of cold.
Fun factor: 3/5

10/16 Zombie Busters

Up to two players can slay the undead together in this apocalyptic world. Easy peasy if you’re used to shooting games, even without the VR goggles.
Fun factor: 2/5

11/16 Skyscraper

Gun down enemies as you traverse through towering buildings in a busy city. But unlike Jump Jump, you’re on your own two feet in this shootout. Things may get a little blustery so think twice about wearing a skirt here. You’ll also need to edge out on to an elevated platform (or a high-rise steel bridge in the VR world), which sounds nerve-wracking. Then again, if this lil tyke (pictured) managed to make it through easily...
Fun factor: 2.5/5

12/16 Beat Saber

Think of this as Guitar Hero or Rock Band with slightly more impressive graphics. May be useful as a breather between all the other jerky rides.
Fun factor: 2/5

13/16 Robin Hood

It’s not so much a VR game as it is a projection of an archery board on the wall. You don’t have to wear any VR goggles for this one. Still, it ain’t easy trying to be Robin Hood and it takes some practice before you can start chalking up points.
Fun factor: 1.5/5

14/16 VR Room

Whether you have aspirations to be a bank sheriff who goes all out to prevent a heist, or a zombie slayer who’s as adept as slicing menacing pumpkins (don’t ask) as you are attacking the undead, you’ll find your perfect mission in this VR games room. Choose from an array of tasks, and work your way through a couple of relatively easy rounds. Best for video game nerds, we reckon.
Fun factor: 2/5

15/16 Mask do

You don’t have to worry about sharing VR goggles with strangers or ruining your make-up because cutesy masks like this one are provided.

16/16 X marks the spot

Rides are split into three coloured zones: Blue (Storm Blizzard, Jump Jump, Flying Dive and Beat Saber), Orange (Extreme Train, Jungle Rafting, Horror Room, and Skyscraper) and Green (VR Room, Robin Hood and Zombie Busters). There are three categories of tickets available which allow you to try anything from three to seven games. Strangely, there isn't an option to go on all 11 rides.


​​​​​​​HeadRock VR is at Resorts World Sentosa, #01-38/39. (next to Trick Eye Museum). Open daily 10am-8pm (last entry at 7pm). Kids must be aged six and above to play. Tix from $35 from Sistic (15 per cent off tickets until Dec 16). More info at

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