Compete In The World’s 1st Crypto Reality Show!

Compete In The World’s 1st Crypto Reality Show!
August 16, 2018

Players compete in a simulated environment to trade and build winning crypto portfolios with a chance to win the equivalent of over $100K in cryptocurrency prizes


 TrakInvest, the virtual social trading platform, today announces the launch of The TrakCrypto Show, the world’s first digital game show aimed at crypto enthusiasts. Participants stand a chance to win job opportunities and the equivalent of $100,000 USD in sponsored cryptocurrency prizes. There will also be weekly random draws for winnings, and an opportunity to appear on a twice weekly show, airing on YouTube. The show will also feature and interview experts in crypto trading and blockchain providing insights and additional educational content for viewers to learn from.


The first TrakCrypto show will air on 12th September 2018 with two episodes airing per week. The challenge begins on 9th September wherein over 1000 participants will each be given $100,000 dollars of simulated money to trade and compete on the TrakInvest Platform in a risk-free environment with the aim of building profitable crypto portfolios.The TrakInvest platform will provide players with the simulated environment to access real-time market price data, news, and educational content.


The ability to try out strategies in a risk-free environment coupled with interviews with blockchain experts makes this the ideal place for both the novice and advanced crypto traders to trade, learn, and grow. The platform also features a ‘social’ element, which enables participants to invite friends, to “trak” the top traders, and copy winning trades.This will allow participants to join a global crypto community and trade and learn together while competing in the show. With there being an estimated 50 million crypto traders world-wide, the TrakInvest platform would be an ideal place for them to congregate and continue building the community.


Every week on the Trakcrypto Show, five top performers will be chosen on the basis of the best portfolio returns and interviewed. In addition, a total of 125 weekly winners have a chance of securing cryptocurrency rewards worth over $10,000 USD in Week 1, increasing in increments equivalent to $10,000 USD per week, culminating at a total cryptocurrency pot worth $40,000 USD in Week 4. Every episode will featured conversations with the contestants on their crypto investment strategies, what’s working for them, and their challenges as their trading moves were recorded daily. All participants will also get exclusive access to the beta TrakInvest AI tool that offers analytics and price estimation on top 10 cryptocurrencies.


The show will be curated, hosted and produced by TrakInvest and Blockchain Founders Fund Ventures and will feature weekly Blockchain & Crypto Experts as celebrity guests. The show will be broadcast on YouTube via The TrakInvest Show channel, in an effort to reach all crypto investors on a global basis.


“Based on the phenomenal success of the Trakinvest show, we are now launching a similar platform for crypto currency trading. We want to bring crypto currency to the masses and give a chance to the global crypto traders to compete for $100,000,” explained Bobby Bhatia, Founder & CEO of TrakInvest.


Aly Madhavji, Founder, Blockchain Founders Fund commented: “The TrakCrypto Show is the first of its kind to educate the masses on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a low risk and high reward environment.”


Participants can sign up for just $20 USD a month ($12 early bird discount till 25th August) for a subscription to the TrakInvest Platform, the ability to participate in the game, and multiple chances to win. To register, aspiring participants can sign up at


About TrakInvest

TrakInvest is world’s 1st virtual social trading platform powered by a proprietary AI engine. It provides users a simulated risk-free practice environment to trade and build winning portfolios in stocks across 10 exchanges and cryptocurrencies before investing their real money. Users also gain trade ideas by following other top performers and accessing the many upcoming AI tools. TrakInvest is headquartered in Singapore with operations across Thailand, Hong Kong and India. It has been operating since 2014 with 100,000+ users across Asia. TrakInvest is well poised for growth as it has recently conducted its $33m ICO. TRAK is currently listed and with more exchanges coming soon.

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