CN Tower Viewfinder Brings Toronto To Life In VR

CN Tower Viewfinder Brings Toronto To Life In VR
August 2, 2018

Toronto's CN Tower launched a free virtual reality viewfinder app that offers an enhanced experience for locals and tourists alike. 


The CN Tower Viewfinder app helps to elevate guest visits by offering a captivating 360-degree observation experience at 1,136 feet, both day and night. With the app, on-site users will be able to easily spot points of interest on the skyline and use their mobile device to understand what they're seeing from such a high vantage point. 


The app calibrates a user’s location on the observation level using a mobile device's internal sensors, which behave like a gyroscope. As part of the app experience, there are more than 90 landmarks and points of interest to discover. Since Toronto is truly a multicultural city that attracts a diverse range of guests, the app supports five languages.

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