ZTE Launches The Cheapest Daydream Phone

ZTE Launches The Cheapest Daydream Phone
February 7, 2017

ZTE has announced that Android Nougat and Google’s Daydream virtual reality (VR) platform are now available for its flagship Axon 7 handset.


The Chinese smartphone maker last May launched the Axon 7, the first so-called “Daydream-ready” device on the market — however, without Nougat the Daydream support was redundant. Google’s own Pixel-branded phones and Lenovo’s Moto Z line of handsets were the first to fully support Daydream, though a few weeks back Google announced that ZTE’s Axon 7 and the ASUS Zenfone AR would be coming soon.


With the arrival of Nougat on the scene from today, Axon 7-owners can now enjoy some Google Daydream goodness. Notably, the Axon 7 is the cheapest no-contract Daydream phone on the market just now, with Google’s Pixel phone starting at around $650, and the Moto Z at $700. The ZTE Axon 7 starts at $400.


Bear in mind, Google’s Daydream View headset will normally set you back another $79, though it is currently enjoying a $30 price cut until the end of February.

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