XXII's VAL Lab Lets You Mix Chemicals In AR/VR

XXII's VAL Lab Lets You Mix Chemicals In AR/VR
April 19, 2017

XXII, an innovation studio, presented a new collaborative experience at the Laval Virtual convention, bringing participants into a virtual laboratory to conduct chemical experiments.


This achievement illustrates once again XXII's ability to mix the best of technologies to deliver innovative and disruptive experiences with a wide range of applications in training and education.


Playing the little chemist has always been an exciting activity for children. Now being grown-ups, XXII creative-thinkers and developers have added a lot of technologies to create a VR/AR Lab : the Virtual Augmented Laboratory (VAL).


Equipped with HTC Vive headsets, the users are invited to perform a collaborative virtual chemistry experiment by manipulating real 3D-printed beakers and an interactive Bunsen burner (using Arduino technology) to mix chemicals and heat them up.


Throughout the session, they are guided and followed by an instructor via a smartphone equipped with Tango - this Google technology was used for the first time for B2B purposes -, and the virtual reality rendering of their manipulations can be corrected by the trainer when necessary.


With VAL, XXII demonstrates the real applications that mixed reality (combination of virtual reality and augmented reality) offers and gives it a new dimension thanks to HTC Vive’s and Tango’s tracking technologies. 


This first demo highlights a new way of teaching and learning, realistic and safe, but also playful and interactive. Here, theory and practice are combined hence immerse the trainees into an instant reality under the supervision of the instructors, who can interact with them live. This approach will contribute to a better learning process and enhance the understanding of the challenges. 


It triggers and facilitates training sessions since trainer and trainees do not necessarily have to be in the same physical place or even on the same continent.

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