XXII Launches A Universal 360° VR Player

XXII Launches A Universal 360° VR Player
December 27, 2016

XXII, creator of visual experiences, announces the launch of QuartzVR. This innovative and multi-platform player (native, web and mobile), equipped with advanced features, is designed to offer an unprecedented viewing experience of 360° videos and photos.

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Driven by the explosion of the virtual reality market, which will reach $70 billion by 2020, 360° contents are growing very rapidly. Brands have seized this technology to offer their customers new interactive approaches and the media are multiplying the broadcasts and reports integrating such devices. However, if these contents develop exponentially, they must still be able to be consulted by the greatest number of Internet users.


XXII offers a true innovation with its multi-platform player that not only allows viewers to view 360° videos or photos but offers them an immersive experience.


QuartzVR brings together all the functionalities of a classic player: play, pause, fast forward in the media as well as new features of interactivity such as points trails (possibility to navigate between several videos and / or photos via hotspots, especially used in real estate) or contextual information (for example, the appearance of a title when targeting an item). The player is also equipped with analytical capabilities to collect information about the viewing route of internet users.


Totally customizable, QuartzVR is simple to configure and install. It can adapt to any graphical charter (buttons, positions, adding elements such as a logo, etc.).

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