When Design Meets Tech: The VR MILD Headset

When Design Meets Tech: The VR MILD Headset
April 3, 2017

Asian people tend to know what a simplistic version of any tech should look like. Design that gently flows like water, mimicking natural states, hence becoming a part of tech design itself. It’s no different with VR Headsets and also, it better has to be. 


Virtual reality has been in the news a lot and evidence is mounting that a virtual experience indeed has a profound effect on the brain far beyond the improved controls over dream-like scenarios. In order to minimize the strange sensation you feel once a terrible looking and weighty unit is strapped to your forehead, designers reimagined what such a device should look and feel like.


So, let’s propose another device, one that is smaller and lighter, more comfortable and easy to use. The VR MILD from Korean designer Heejin Younis is such a device and once again shaped to look familiar – much like eyeglasses or sunglasses. Its form-factor makes it far easier to use frequently and naturally favors a fabric material over plastic, enhancing the whole VR experience.


Besides being shaped ergonomically it covers the head in a way, more suitable for the average person's head. It’s also the fitting object for all kinds of different experiences and comes with additional straps to wear it stable whenever an action-packed scene is presented.


In general, the functionality doesn’t simply follow the form but is a vital part of the overall experience. There’s an on/off button on the side of the MILD and a so-called MILD controller that deviates from your normal controller that was built to allow gaming first and foremost. MILD's controller is designed to allow users to enjoy all kinds of videos from VR, perfectly laid out to enjoy more than just specific contents. You can control 360-degree contents in any directions by moving the sphere-shaped controlling part pretty handily and special straps can also be attached to the controller for utmost portability.


Anyway, this kind of product design is worth your second look, even though you might already be playing with the common bulky devices that now seem to be outdated.

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