Vuzix to Unveil Futuristic AR Glasses At CES

Vuzix to Unveil Futuristic AR Glasses At CES
January 2, 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) products and technologies company Vuzix has announced that it will be showcasing Vuzix Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses which has already won 4 CES Innovation awards, the M3000 Smart Glasses and iWear Video Headphones which won awards in the previous year, applications for its M300 Smart Glasses which has also won several industry awards apart from some demonstrations of its AR technologies.


Vuzix holds about 49 patents, 40 additional pending patents and many IP licenses in the field of Video Eyewear. The New York based Company has won Consumer Electronics Show (CES) awards for its innovations for each year between 2005 and 2016. It has also won many wireless technology innovation awards, among others.


"We are always pleased to attend CES, the premier consumer electronics and technology show. This year Vuzix is going to be show casing what we feel is a "world's first" with our Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses and we are delighted that CES and the industry experts that comprise its award panels have recognized them with 4 awards; underscoring the product itself and Vuzix commitment to innovation in the virtual and augmented reality markets," says Paul Travers, President and CEO, Vuzix.


Some of the key features of the Vuzix Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses are:

  • Targeted at consumers;
  • One of the first wireless smart sunglasses in the world;
  • Run on Android;
  • Have integrated AR and video overlays;
  • Allow users to experience entertainment and cloud connected information anywhere


Some of the key features of the Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses are:

  • Targeted at enterprise use;
  • Next generation AR waveguide-based engine;
  • Has significantly improved AR displays, sensor technologies, computing power and ergonomics;
  • Can deliver information which is overlaid on real world, anywhere;

Vuzix also plans to showcase AR and VR solutions from the following partners:

  • Vist@Finder from the KDDI Group - is a remote operating system that uses AR technology;
  • Cyber Eyez from Cyber Timez - is a visual aid application that runs on the Vuzix M100 smart glasses. This application can magnify things 15X times and are therefore useful for users with a low vision. It can also read text in more than 100 languages without being connected to the internet and is useful for users who are blind. This software will soon be available on the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses;
  • Industrial Augmented Reality Solution from Apprentice Field Suite - This solution runs on the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses and is useful for the Manufacturing, Biopharma and R&D markets;
  • Mobile remote IT support application from Logmein Rescue - This software and services run on the Vuzix Smart Glasses and enables users to remotely access and manage their mobile devices and computers;

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