VR-Plugin For Autodesk Maya: Forget Unreal & Unity!

VR-Plugin For Autodesk Maya: Forget Unreal & Unity!
VR-Plugin runs with full 90 fps stereo on your Oculus Rift / HTC Vive. Thanks to Autodesk for making the native implementation possible. (This is a fast forward video clamped to 60 fps).


Forget Google Blocks and Oculus Medium. Texturing, Modeling, Sculpturing, Animation and much more. VR-Plugin gives you access to all features of Autodesk Maya.


Benefit from the 1:1 conversion to your final product by directly working in Maya instead of exporting your assets into game engines like Unreal or Unity.


Download the latest free Beta: http://VR-Plugin.com

Credits: 2D and 3D

Assets: Paul Stenzel "krash" Steven Stahlberg http://stahlberg.cgsociety.org/art/ma...

Targem Games “CROSSOUT” www.crossout.net https://sketchfab.com/models/1ff687a5... https://sketchfab.com/models/6e4eb906... http://www.syntystudios.com

Apocalyptic City Software: Autodesk Maya / Craft Director Studio (www.craftanimations.com) / SOUP (www.soup-dev.com)

Music: The Crystal Mayhem

Audio Logo: Format:B www.formatb.com

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