VR Immerses Researchers In Data Visualizations

VR Immerses Researchers In Data Visualizations
March 26, 2018

Virtualitics launched a new tool that encourages a more interactive analysis of data using 3D visualization.


Data visualization startup Virtualitics recently launched a new data analysis program that immerses users in a virtual world of digital information. Combining AR and VR capabilities with machine learning and big data analysis, the Virtualitics Immersive Platform (VIP) aims to give researchers better insights into large amounts of information.


The tool allows users to place themselves directly into data in a collaborative environment, benefitting from the compatibility of VR with human perception, encouraging intuition and pattern recognition as well as creating a virtual office of sorts.


The launch of this platform marks a creative merge of artificial intelligence, big data and mixed reality, potentially not only making the research process more interesting but also encouraging unique insights by providing trained data scientists and non-professionals like with the opportunity to view data differently.

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