VR Headset Available for Mota’s Micro-Size Drone

VR Headset Available for Mota’s Micro-Size Drone
September 20, 2016
Mota Group has announced the availability of a virtual reality (VR) headset for its JETJAT ULTRA micro-size, live-streaming drone.

The TAMO VR headset gives users the “feeling of flight,” explains Mota’s president and CEO, Michael Faro. “The combination of VR with a super-small drone offers consumers a highly advanced drone technology for the first time, along with more fun-per-ounce than almost anything else. We believe virtual reality and drone technology should be available to everyone.”
Mota has partnered with retailers, including Groupon, to make the ULTRA and TAMO VR headset available worldwide. Users can also order directly from Mota.
Smaller than a golf ball, ULTRA measures just 1.65 inches per side and weighs in at .59 oz. The drone streams first-person video from its 480p camera to the pilot’s smartphone from up to 80 feet away. (The aircraft is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and requires the JETJAT ULTRA app.)
The included controller offers selectable right- and left-handed operation, precision joysticks, and expandable ergonomic grips. In addition, the ULTRA stores safely inside the controller.

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