VR Gets More Real With Facebook's Hot/Cold Tech

VR Gets More Real With Facebook's Hot/Cold Tech
December 11, 2016

Facebook-owned Oculus has only just shipped its terrific Touch Controllers, but it already has its eyes on what could be the next hot, or cool–depending on which adjective you want to use–feature for VR: the ability to physically feel heat and cold during virtual reality experiences.

Noticed by Upload VR, Facebook shared the experiment during a live broadcast (about a minute into the above video) of projects coming out of its latest hackathon. The idea for the early-stage project is that the controllers can actually convey warmth or cold depending on what's happening inside VR–making the user's experience more real. It's a long way off from reality, but Facebook's brain trust was seemingly quite impressed with the prototype.


And don't worry, no Mark Zuckerbergs were harmed in this experiment.

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