This VR Cam Can Prevent Motion Sickness

This VR Cam Can Prevent Motion Sickness
May 23, 2017
Director Ilya Rozhkov and Galaxy Vision team up to custom build an innovative camera rig for new VR film set for release late summer 2017.


The increasing popularity of virtual reality films and technology has brought with it an unfortunate side effect: viewers are experiencing a nasty side effect known as VR sickness.


Director Ilya Rozhkov, sought out to do what many other engineers and software companies have failed to do, create his action-packed first person POV VR film without getting the audience nauseous.


Having discovered the technology for a multiple lens camera rig that could be head-mounted and would be stable didn’t exist,  Rozhkov then teamed up with Galaxy Vision, a 3D and VR firm, to engineer a custom rig they branded the Identity Capture Camera to shoot Agent Emerson.


This VR breakthrough is the three-axis stabilisation system that compensates for all the movements of the operator, resulting in a smooth camera movement, creating a comfortable experience for the audience watching  the the VR film experience on a VR headset.


IC-Cam provides a cinematically elevated immersive 360 degree first-person POV in 3DIt’s a head mounted camera rig system (weighing 11lbs) capable of shooting 360 degree stereoscopic (3D) video with body (shoulders, arms, legs, etc) in the field of view and no blind spots.  It uses 21-23 cameras placed strategically around the head allowing the final footage resolution of up to 6k per eye.


The viewing audience of Agent Emerson is dropped into a visceral, action-packed VR experience that will allow them to live out a James Bond-esque storyline. The VR Film which serves as the pilot for the Identity Experience Series,  is scheduled to be released on VR Platforms late this summer.

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