Voxel Offers VR Experiences Without A Headset

Voxel Offers VR Experiences Without A Headset
January 8, 2017

For virtual reality experiences, we need a special headset empowered by a computer. But the French tech startup Scale-1 Portal, is creating virtual reality experiences without the need of such equipment.


Named as Voxel, the company offers a standalone arcade machine that puts the user inside a wall-scale immersive environment. Users wear a simple pair of 3D glasses and interact with the computer simulations reflected on the wall. The arcade system tracks the body movements of the user with the help of Kinect sensors and acts accordingly on the reflected wall.


Julien Baessens, the founder and software engineer of Scale-1 Portal, says this technology is mostly used in the fields of industrial design, real estate fitness and education.

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