Visualize Your Designs With Storyboard VR

Visualize Your Designs With Storyboard VR
April 12, 2017

Designing VR titles is time-consuming and a long process. VR development is still in the infant stage, so any tool to assist developers and designers with VR content is perfect for everyone!


The Artefact Group developed Storyboard VR as an internal tool to help them visual their VR designs. The VR community begged for them to release the software for everyone and that is precisely what the Artefact Group have done. The Artefact Group have released an Alpa version of Storyboard VR free for anyone to download. So even if you are not a VR designer, you may find Storyboard VR fun!


You can start with drawing on paper your initial design, scan the design into the computer and then place the .JPG file into the Storyboard VR folder and see it brought to life in VR.


Storyboard VR is free and open to use as you wish, but the flip side is that it is an unsupported alpha application. As with any alpha release, bugs and issues are to be expected.


If you experience any issues, feel free to let us know. However, although we use Storyboard VR in our daily work at Artefact, we have no immediate plans to continue to update and develop the software. As the saying goes, don’t look gift software in the code.

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