Video Hints HTC Vive VR Phone Is On Its Way

Video Hints HTC Vive VR Phone Is On Its Way
January 9, 2017

This year's CES didn't offer too many surprises in the way of virtual reality, but a new video has some wondering if we'll soon see a major new VR product from HTC: a smartphone. 


Buried at the end of an HTC promotional video leaked on Twitter this weekend is the image of what appears to be a smartphone branded as "HTC Vive." 


The HTC Vive is the company's popular VR headset, but the only major VR news the company made last week was the unveiling of new VR sensor pucks. 


However, a smartphone with some kind of native VR functionality would not only be a huge development, it would represent a smart move forward as the VR industry continues to focus on the smartphone as the engine of broad user adoption of VR versus the pricier, high-end VR headsets. 


Those industry trends were buttressed this holiday season when, according to some estimates, the Samsung Gear VR device, which needs a mobile phone to work, outsold the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift


The HTC video, surfaced by Evan Blass on Saturday, may be a hint at what's coming at the company's January 12 event.

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