Univet AR Safety Glasses Win Red Dot Award

Univet AR Safety Glasses Win Red Dot Award
July 17, 2017

Italian safety equipment manufacturer Univet just received a 2017 Red Dot Awardfor its augmented reality safety glasses. The glasses integrate Sony's "holographic waveguide technology" into eye protection that allows wearers to view real time data without looking up from what they are doing.

A monocular projection system displays data on a holographic screen behind the right protective lens. The screen is clear so the wearer can see through it.


The glasses can use WiFi or Bluetooth to access data on computers, tables, and smartphones. Information is able to travel in both directions so data can be collected from internal sensors such as the GPS and microphone or optional sensors such as thermometers and cameras.


This tech could be used for any number of applications. For example, a warehouse worker might view packing lists, a nurse or doctor the patient's vital signs, a factory worker assembly instructions, or a rescue worker text notifications from cohorts.

The projection unit is attached to the screen and is connected by cord to an external battery and can be swapped between different users' glasses. Should the protective outer lens be scratched or damaged it is easily removed and replaced.

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