Universal Web Dashboard ‘V’ Now With Vive Support

Universal Web Dashboard ‘V’ Now With Vive Support
November 17, 2017

The uni-lettered V is a web-based dashboard that runs inside of the VR apps you know and love, allowing you to access web apps like Netflix, Spotify, Slack, and do pretty much anything else you can do through a web browser. A new update to the V beta brings support for the HTC Vive and other SteamVR headsets.


Launching initially back in 2016 in beta for the Oculus Rift, V gives players a web-based dashboard, making it possible to browse the web or use web apps while inside of VR. Since the beta launch the app has seen steady improvements, including support for the Touch motion controllers.

Though still in beta, today the app finally gets SteamVR support, meaning it now works with the HTC Vive as well as other SteamVR supported headsets (including the Rift, and, ostensibly, the Windows VR headsets which just got beta support for SteamVR).


V CEO Tyler Andersen notes the following common uses of the app:

- Watch Netflix while exploring the galaxy in Elite Dangerous.

- Find that perfect track on Spotify or SoundCloud without taking off your headset.

- Stay connected with friends on Steam, Hangouts and Facebook.

- Communicate with your Twitch followers directly inside VR.


In addition to support for SteamVR headsets, the latest version of V adds new features like transparency options and input blocking, and brings a handful of bug fixes. The V beta is available for free from the official website.


While SteamVR is now supported, on the Oculus side of things, V is soon to have some stiff competition; last month Oculus announced Dash, the company’s own system for using your computer from inside of any Oculus application. Dash is due out in beta next month.

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