Unity Makes Photogrammetry More Accessible

Unity Makes Photogrammetry More Accessible
August 11, 2017

This video shows an example of the results you can get by creating assets with Unity photogrammetry workflow.

There are different lighting conditions in the demo, showing that assets created using the workflow work correctly under various lighting condition thanks to the Unity de-lighting tools.

The video was captured on a PC at 2560x1440, however the demo targets 1080p @ 30fps on PS4.

The demo was made with game production constrains in mind. The assets/texture/materials are reused heavily, texture sizes range from 1K to 2K, all meshes have LOD. The demo makes use of tessellation and parallax occlusion mapping for close objects.
Foliage uses atlas textures. Materials rely on layering.

More information regarding photogrammetry workflow in Unity can be found here: https://unity3d.com/solutions/photogr...
Siggraph 2017 talk about Photogrammetry workflow and the tech behind the de-lighting tool:

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