Twitter Launches 360° Periscope Livestreams

Twitter Launches 360° Periscope Livestreams
December 29, 2016

Your Periscope livestream is now going to be a bit more immersive. The Twitter-owned company announced on Wednesday that it is now supporting 360 videos, but there’s a catch: Only “select partners” will be able to create these special broadcasts, but any viewer can watch it live. This feature is rolling out now and will be available to more people over the “coming weeks.”


“We’ve always said that joining a broadcast is like stepping into someone else’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes,” Periscope explained in a Medium post. “Live 360 video isn’t just about taking you to places you’ve never been; it’s about connecting you with people and letting you experience something new with them.”

Above: A badge now appears on Periscope denoting which broadcasts support 360-degree viewing. Image Credit: Periscope


Starting today, live 360 videos will be denoted with a badge both on Periscope and Twitter. When viewed, the point of view can be modified by either moving the phone or tapping and scrolling around the screen.


For those looking to create this special livestream, you’ll need to use the Insta360 Nano camera, although Periscope said creators are allowed to “experiment with connecting other 360 cameras” using its Periscope Producer service which was introduced earlier this year.


The release of this comes weeks after Facebook announced support of 360 videos in live broadcasts, with a wider release planned next year.



Periscope declined to state which partners would initially have access to this capability, but said that those interested in participating could join its waitlist. It’s unsure of when the general public will have the ability to create 360 video broadcasts because how many actually have a camera that will allow them to take advantage of this feature? The company may keep this option exclusive to creators, offering them something unique that’s helps produce a more personalized and unique viewing experience.


Watch an example here:

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