Tvori VR Animation Tool Gets Major Udpate

Tvori VR Animation Tool Gets Major Udpate
May 7, 2017

We were particularly taken with Tvori when we first saw it last year. This Vive app offers a comprehensive suite of animation features, essentially allowing you to record your own stories in VR. As promising as its beginnings were, though, Tvori was in need of a brush up.


Today, it’s finally getting one.


The creators of Tvori just published a long-promised update for the game. Dmitry Kurilchenko and Viktor Komarovskih gave me a brief rundown of what’s new earlier this week and, overall, Tvori is looking like a much more polished and accessible product than it was before, and allows for even more animation options to create better experiences. You can see some of the updates for yourself in this new video.


Starting with the app’s foundations, the Tvori team has come up with a more approachable system. It’s got the intuitive sort of menus you’d expect to interact with in a creative VR app now, allowing you to better navigate through its tools and options. An object shelf, for example, has been added that provides quick access to the app’s many props that you can place down in a scene.


These kinds of options will now be at your side at all times, staying in your local space so you can quickly edit a scene from whatever position or scale you might be at. There are also new orbs that allow you to save and switch between scenes with ease.


Setting up scenes has had a few key features added, like the ability to scale yourself all the way down to human size so that you can experience a scene first-hand. Objects themselves can be scaled as well, and you can color them to give your scenes more identity. For viewing, you’re now able to choose specific spots that viewers will be placed in.


Animation itself is getting more robust, too. The pair showed me a monster comprised of multiple parts that they can articulate with greater detail than was possible before. When it comes to filming, you can now record and share videos at up to 1080p and screenshots in resolutions of up to 8K. When recording video, you can slow time to help make sure you capture important moments the way you want to.


There are finer points to discover in the developer’s changelog, which are worth reading through if you have any interest in VR movie making. With this update the developers of Tvori are hoping to start growing a bigger community around their app.


The app is available on Steam for $20.

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