Try This Simple VR Prototyping Tool For Free

Try This Simple VR Prototyping Tool For Free
April 10, 2017

If you want to build a full, interactive game in VR, you’ll find plenty of tools and tips online. But what if you want to just mock one up first? What if you want to do a few quick sketches, and see how they might feel in virtual reality before committing full development resources to a project?


For this scenario, there’s Storyboard VR–which is free to download now. It’s basically a VR version of PowerPoint, allowing you to pull in simple 2D assets, arrange and scale them with drag and drops, and then even animate them, if you wish, in a frame-by-frame slide advance UI.


We first wrote about the app a few months ago. The developers, the design firm Artefact, used it internally as they signed on more and more VR projects. After debating where to take the software next, and receiving hundreds of requests to try the software, they decided to put it online in a free alpha build. That means “Storyboard VR will be free and open to use by anyone, as they wish,” the studio writes. “However, it will be an unsupported alpha application, and we have no immediate plans to issue further builds.”

In making the software publicly available, Artefact hopes to push the medium of VR forward, enabling designers to experiment and build on one another’s work. Given that the software can be learned in minutes, Storyboard VR is a low-risk way to get your feet wet in VR.

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