Tobii’s EyeCore Technology Improves VR Immersion

Tobii’s EyeCore Technology Improves VR Immersion

Tobii is working on new technology to change the way we experience VR by integrating eye tracking into the next generations of Virtual Reality headsets.


Tobii’s EyeCore Technology Improves VR Immersion

VR headsets operate as if their wearers have their eyes locked in their skulls always facing forward, forcing people to use their heads as VR cursors. Tobii intends to change this by introducing eye tracking technology into the next generation of VR headsets.


Tobii has already partnered with Qualcomm to add EyeCore tracking to VR headsets running the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform. This improvement will greatly improve the way we interact with other users and content within our AR and VR experiences.


The new EyeCore system offers Foveated Rendering, so the system will render whatever you are looking at in high definition while the rest of the field where you are not looking at will rendered at a lower resolution. This technology considerably reduces the load on the GPU, increases battery life, and prevents your PC from overheating. Also, the EyeCore automatically calibrates the headset’s lenses to adapt to whoever wears it, eliminating the need to manually tune the headset’s interpupillary distance.


The EyeCore system can also make social VR avatars look more real, allowing users to really make eye contact with whomever they interact with. Tobii’s new system improves hand-eye coordination as well since it is empowered to infer people’s intentions based on what people are looking at rather than just where their heads are pointing at. The ability to look at your target with your eyes rather than your nose greatly improves your in-game accuracy and it actually feels more natural.


Navigating with your eyes thanks to eye-tracking greatly improves your user experience. It really makes the experience far more intuitive. You only need to look at the menu item you want to select and then click the controller button –greatly reducing the number of clicks you need to enjoy your VR experiences.

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