Tobii Releases Eye Tracking VR Dev Kit Vive

Tobii Releases Eye Tracking VR Dev Kit Vive
May 31, 2017

STOCKHOLM, May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tobii today announced availability for the VR4 for Vive Kit, its eye tracking virtual reality (VR) hardware development kit based on the HTC Vive. Integrated with Tobii's eye tracking technology, VR developers now have access to tools to create more engaging and immersive content. Tobii's VR4 for Vive Kit is now available for preorder at and will begin shipping June 2017.  The kit will ensure that developers have the tools needed to develop integrated eye tracking content as commercial eye tracking enabled VR headsets hit the market.


"Our existing demonstrations have resulted in a strong demand for a VR development kit with Tobii eye tracking," said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. "Eye tracking is the next natural step for VR, and with this offering we are extending our commitment to the VR developer community to help provide the best experience possible for the end user while unleashing developer creativity."


Tobii's VR4 for Vive Kitis a retrofit service to the HTC Vive business edition. Providing a high quality and accurate eye tracking experience, this kit contains Tobii VR4 (a reference implementation of Tobii eye tracking designed to support HMDs), an HTC Vive business edition HMD kit, Tobii software development kit (SDK) software and Tobii example applications showcasing eye tracking interactions.


The VR4 for Vive Kit is not intended as a consumer product.


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Research solutions: Eye tracking in VR is also transforming how studies can be conducted and opening up new research possibilities for professionals within fields such as psychology, shopper research, training and performance assessment. Tobii Pro enables researchers to collect and analyze gaze data for insights on human behavior in the real or virtual world. For more information on solutions for eye tracking research in VR visit Tobii Pro VR.



Patrik von Bergen
CMO, Tobii Tech
Phone: +46-766-310-735

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VR4 for Vive Kit

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