Tilt Brush Turns Your Room Into 3D-Modeling Studio

Tilt Brush Turns Your Room Into 3D-Modeling Studio
November 9, 2017

Google has launched 'Tilt Brush', a powerful tool for designers available for Oculus and HTC Vive that allows artists to create 3D objects while fully embedded in Virtual Reality (VR).


Tilt Brush turns any room into the perfect canvas to capture all your creativity, allowing you to paint in real size with 3D brushes.

Being immersed in a virtual reality permits architects to take advantage of their spatial perception to create a three-dimensional design development stage from the beginning of a project.


Launched in 2016 and available in the Steam virtual store for $15 dollars, Google’s tool can be used with Oculus virtual reality helmets or the HTC Vive. These models are currently the most powerful on the market and their prices fluctuate between $500 and $700 dollars.

Tilt Brush has a virtual palette with which you can work with "ink" to create incredible effects such as snow, smoke and fire. You can even walk around your model. And thanks to a recent update, Tilt Brushnow allows you to export your creations to Blocks, the latest Google application designed to work in virtual reality.


Some artists tried this new tool and the video below shows the results:

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