These Headsets Put You In A Drone's Pilot Seat

These Headsets Put You In A Drone's Pilot Seat
December 21, 2016

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Flying a drone is a lot of fun. We all know that! But with the cockpit googles it is even more entertaining.


These googles offer first person view (FPV) and let users feel like they are actually in the pilots seat of the drone. They open up an amazing new way to experience drone flights.


Note: Drones between 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and up to 55 lbs. (25 kg) need to be registered in United States. To learn more about operating drones in the United States, visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS website.



Parrot BeBop 2 Drone with FPV Bundle

Buy on Amazon $489.00

  • • 3-axis digital stabilization system ensures smooth and stable videos.
  • • Built-in wide-angle camera. Shoots Full HD 1080p videos and 14 megapixsel photos in RAW, JPEG and DNG format.
  • • 2700mAh battery offers 20 - 25min flight time.
  • • The kit includes new Parrot Skycontroller 2 and Cockpit glasses.
  • • Needs an Android or iOS device to download the FreeFlight Pro app and use with Cockpit glasses.
  • Buy on Amazon $489.00



Parrot Disco FPV Bundle

Buy on Amazon $999

  • • Parrot Disco is a fixed-wing drone that reaches speeds up to 50 mph/80 kmh. Flight control and and autopilot system is more complicated than other drones.
  • • The kit comes with the compact Parrot Skycontroller 2 and Parrot Cockpit glasses to put you inside the pilot seat of the drone.
  • • Parrot Disco can fly up to 1.2 miles away. It takes off and lands by itself, and maintains altitude and flight path autonomously.
  • • Needs an Android or iOS device to download the FreeFlight Pro app and use with Cockpit glasses.
  • Buy on Amazon $999



Fat Shark Dominator FPV Googles

Buy on Amazon $349

  • • Fat Shark is one of the best First Person View googles by user ratings.
  • • It features 16:9 widscreen WVGA 800 x 480 pixel resolution and accepts 720p input.
  • • Supports 1G3, 2G4 and 5G8 band receivers.
  • You need a receiving unit to transmit images from the drone.
  • Buy on Amazon $349



Zeiss VR ONE

Buy on Amazon $99

  • • Zeiss VR ONE is a smartphone powered (iOS and Android) VR headset that can be used with a drone for live FPV.
  • • Compatible with DJI Phantom 2 Vision / Vision +, DJI Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced and DJI Inspire 1 drones.
  • • Works with Cloudlight FPV (iOS) and Litchi (Android) apps.
  • Buy on Amazon $99



Oculus Rift

Buy on Amazon $599

  • • Since its launch, Oculus Rift VR headset has been used to give drone pilots control of the camera.
  • • It is compatible with popular drone systems like DJI Phantom 3 or BeBop Parrot.
  • • Plus, with Oculus Rift you get all the fun VR experience to try now.
  • Buy on Amazon $599

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