These AR Glasses Will Help You Stay Skinny

These AR Glasses Will Help You Stay Skinny
May 14, 2017

Scientists have invented augmented reality glasses that will keep the wearer from overeating by tracking consumption


The future is here. We may only associate virtual and augmented reality with video games, but scientists are working on a way to use virtual technology to help us eat better. Microsoft just won a patent to create and sell augmented reality goggles with sensors that will keep the wearer from overeating by tracking their consumption and providing them with calorie intake information. Here’s how it works, according to the patent obtained by Next Reality News:


“Feedback can include warnings based on personal wearer needs, general nutrition information, food consumption tracking and social interactions. The system includes one or more processing devices in communication with the display and the sensors which identify food items proximate to the apparatus, determine feedback information relevant to a wearer of the apparatus; and render feedback information in the display.”


Let’s say you’ve already eaten dinner today, but you’re out with your friends and want to indulge in a midnight snack. Before you pick up that greasy slice of pizza, your goggles could remind you that you’ve already reached your calorie deficit for the day. In other words: These goggles are better at guilt-tripping than your mother.


The only problem is (at least right now), that you’d have to go around wearing these augmented reality glasses all the time, which, based on the disappearance of Google Glass, is not something we’re ready as a species to do… at least until they insert chips into our brains.

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