These Apps Make Virtual Worlds Meet Real Life

These Apps Make Virtual Worlds Meet Real Life
June 23, 2018
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With the increasing time spent by users in the virtual world, the difference between real and virtual world seems to be shrinking. From Pokemon to Legos, technology has helped bring a number of nostalgic characters back from the past.


And while many might have outgrown Pokemon Go, there are some new apps that land you in the amazing world of Augmented Reality, in the most innovative ways:



Roposo is a growing community of videos and photos which connects every tier city and introduces the concept of not just augmented reality, but social media as a whole. With a TV-like interface, 24+ channels catering to different genres, and a wide variety of creation tools, Roposo focuses on both viewers and creators! Users can add texts and stickers using augmented reality, create fun videos for the platform's huge audience, and even make money basis the engagement they draw to their posts.



Almost all of us have used or at least seen a Classmate register. Blippar enables users to simply scan the cover of classmate registers and play the game they wish to. With a number of cars drawn on the register covers, anyone who bought the register and had downloaded the app got much more than what they pay for. Not just this, Blippar unlocks helpful information, enables users to interact with their favourite brands, play videos, games, music and more. All through the magic of augmented reality and image recognition.



A picture/video is all that it takes to deliver a message, and Snapchat revolves around this entire concept. You can send videos and images which would disappear in a matter of 10 seconds from the receiver's phone. This app is quite a popular option for users to understand the concept of Augmented Reality through its many filters.



Get ready to publish and find 3D models online! Sketchfab empowers a new era of creativity by making it easy for everyone to find 3D content. With a million creators, this app seems to be the largest platform of creators for immersive and interactive 3D. Additionally, the store allows users to buy and transact using its 3D viewer and model inspector! With these apps, and many more coming up, immerse yourself in the world of fantasy with augmented reality. 

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