Tencent To Launch Virtual Reality Headset

Tencent To Launch Virtual Reality Headset
May 3, 2017

The paper, citing people familiar with the matter, says an internal research team at the Shenzhen firm has been developing both P.C.- and mobile-based VR systems, which could be ready as early as the second half of this year. The article states that consumers in China have been more eager to adopt the cutting edge technology than those in the West, with the Middle Kingdom expected to be the largest market for VR headsets by 2021.


Here’s more from FT hack Tim Bradshaw:


Tencent first signalled its interest in VR in 2015, when it launched its Android-powered MiniStation gaming system, which it said would be compatible with a future VR headset, without providing any product details. 


A sign-up page for developers interested in creating games for the platform suggested Tencent planned to create a one-stop shop for VR, using its WeChat and QQ services for social networking, as well as providing a “fast and smooth” in-app payment system. However, the webpage has not been updated since late 2015.


VR or not, Tencent’s shares have been killing it this year. They’re up more than 28% versus the MSCI Asia Pacific ex Japan’s 14%.

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