Surround Lighting Augments TV Watching Experience

Surround Lighting Augments TV Watching Experience
November 11, 2017
The DreamScreen takes watching TV to a whole new level. This technology places LEDs behind your television that react to the colors right before your eyes. They create a totally immersive experience. You are guaranteed to feel like you are actually there.


Normally $170, the DreamScreen is 8 percent off today


You HAVE to watch the video to understand exactly what I’m talking about here. It’s insane all this does for your viewing pleasure:

  • Experience TV, movies, & games in a more immersive experience
  • Toggle through your favorite sources w/ ease thanks to 3 HDMI video inputs
  • Syncs backlighting w/ television via HDMI
  • Choose from 4 different Audio Visualizers & watch the LEDs dance to your favorite tunes, providing a great party background
  • Hook up your sound system through the audio jack to optimize Audio Visualizers
  • Add a touch of ambiance to your home by selecting the color & brightness of your choice or select dynamic scenes like “Fireside” or “Ocean”
  • Utilize saturation control, brightness control, widescreen detection, color boosting, & a variety of other awesome features

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