Striker VR Starts Pre-Orders For Pricey Gun Peripheral

Striker VR Starts Pre-Orders For Pricey Gun Peripheral
June 2, 2017

The video gaming industry as a whole is primarily concentrated around action and FPS games. Even in the VR space we find that the popular games are oriented around shooting a gun. Take Robo Recall andFarpoint for example. They were the two higher budgeted VR games to release this year drawing in many fans to play the games. So, developers have been working avidly on creating peripheral devices that make the experience more immersive and realistic. Take Striker VR for example. The company has been engineering a VR peripheral called the Arena Infinity that mimics the sensations of wielding a gun.

Arena infinity Technical specifications



  • Proprietary Virtual Recoil, Featuring Fully Adjustable Haptics

  • Color Programmable RGB LED Halo

  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Updates / Accessory Connection

  • Access to Arena Live™ Software Suite


  • Dual Touchpads: 40mm w/ Push Button & Customizable Functionality

  • Trigger: Designed for Easy Pull & Consistent Use

  • L / R Secondary Buttons: Programmable for Secondary Functions

  • Base Button: Reloads or Programmable for Other Common Functions

  • ON / OFF (Hold) Momentary Power Button



  • Standard Picatinny Rail for Accessories / Alternative Tracking

  • Ergonomically Designed Diamond Plate Grip

  • HMD Cutout (removable)

  • Reinforced Rubber Muzzle

  • Drop Tested Rugged Polycarbonate Housing

  • Rear Loading Battery Compartment

  • Ergonomically Designed Hand Areas / Stock

  • Two-Tone Finish with Matte Coating for Additional Mark Resistance


Striker VR’s Arena Infinity is a premium product that provides more realistic haptic feedback compared to the Oculus Touch, Vive wand, or PlayStation Aim controllers. But all of this comes at a high cost. Striker VR has launched pre-orders for Arena Infinity at a staggering price of $2,800. The bundle includes, theArena Infinity, two AI33V Battery Packs, AI33V Battery Charging Station, Wireless Base Station, and the Arena Live™ Software Development Tool. And this is the base price. You can add on to the order which easily passes the $3,000 mark. We believe that this peripheral device wasn’t aimed towards the everyday consumer market but rather the commercial industry providing premium VR experiences. Arena Infinity is integratabtle to the HTC Vive platform.


Striker VR will start shipping the pre-orders starting in the third quarter of 2017.

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