SteamVR Makes Its Launcher More Social

SteamVR Makes Its Launcher More Social
May 21, 2017

We've seen attempts at free-flowing virtual worlds from the likes of Second Life and the (dearly departed) PlayStation Home, but with VR we're getting another shot at it. First Facebook Spaces appeared, and now Valve is beta testing SteamVR Home. The Destinations Workshop previously allowed users to build and customize spaces, but opting into Home puts the world up front when they start SteamVR. Now Destinations is Home, and people who have been using it will find all of their avatars and wearables in the new space.

With Home, the virtual environments are higher res "and support animation, sound, games, and interactivity." If you find one you like, you can set it as your default space, and once it's set up the way you want, you can choose to open it up to the public or invite friends in for a visit complete with voice chat.


To opt into SteamVR Beta:

Open Steam on your desktop
Find SteamVR in your Library under Tools
Right click and go to Properties
Select the Betas tab and pick SteamVR Beta from the dropdown

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