SteamVR Home Gets Windows MR-Style Panels

SteamVR Home Gets Windows MR-Style Panels
June 14, 2018

The latest beta update for SteamVR Home takes a page from the hub world for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform.


You can now spawn two types of panels inside your Home environment for a more convenient interface. Firstly, you can bring in Steam’s Big Picture mode and there’s also the SteamVR Dashboard. You could always access these features inside Steam to begin with but now you can have them ready and waiting for you. It should make things like game launching and library browsing just a touch more instant.


It’s very similar to what you can see in Mixed Reality, where users build a virtual home that they can decorate with different panels that represent traditional apps. It’s a little more robust there, though, and we’d love to see Steam expand the types of panels you can have in the future. You pull the panels out from a decorations menu and use your motion controllers to place them.


It’s only a beta update for now, so you’ll have to select the Beta option under SteamVR.


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