Spectacles 2.0 To Get Futuristic AR Capabilities

Spectacles 2.0 To Get Futuristic AR Capabilities
June 15, 2017

Snap Spectacles may still be relatively new — the Snapchat-connected sunglasses only recently made their debut in Europe — but a second generation is reportedly already in the works.


Details are currently kept very close to the company's chest, but Snap is reportedly hard at work on a new pair of Spectacles that will be “quite different” than what's on the market right now, according to sources speaking with TechCrunch.


The big change rumored for the next-gen Spectacles is the addition of augmented reality features. 


Going off a patent filed last month by Snap, the glasses could potentially beam content onto where (and what) the wearer is viewing, as reported by Mashable.

Snap has a clear interest in AR, as evidenced by its constant updates to the Snapchat app that add face- and environment-altering filters, to its newly unveiled World Lenses feature for plant moving, augmented elements onto photos and videos. 


However, all that TechCrunch's sources could say at this time is that a new model of Spectacles is in development. As for exactly what these brand-new Specs will actually do or if they'll ever see the light of day, it's best to take the news with a grain of salt until official confirmation arrives.

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