Specs: Google Daydream Vs Oculus Rift Vs PSVR

Specs: Google Daydream Vs Oculus Rift Vs PSVR
November 11, 2016

This page compares three virtual reality technologies: The Google Daydream View VR headset system, the Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation VR for PS4.


Google Daydream View is a new VR technology that combines a lightweight headset and wireless controller with an Android phone.

What Is Google Daydream VR?


Google Daydream VR combines an Android Phone, a Google-created lightweight headset, and a motion-sensitive controller into a virtual reality solution.

Currently, Daydream supports the Google Pixel line of phones. Future 3rd party Android devices may also support it.


Daydream VR software is available for purchase/download on compatible devices, and offers a range of games, applications, and experiences, including the 360 degree YouTube VR.

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