Sound Trajectory Lets You Design Sound In Space

Sound Trajectory Lets You Design Sound In Space
June 5, 2018

Developer Maxence Mercier let us know about Sound Trajectory, a new application that’s designed to let you mix audio with trajectories in sound space.


It’s designed for both studio and live performance and for stereo to any multichannel audio setup.



- Trajectories – Manage the positions of your sound sources by drawing their path in a 3D space.


- Motion Listener – The listener can track a trajectory or move freely according to natural or extravagant movements!


- Sampler – The sampler plays the audio samples along the trajectories, with 32 polyphonic voices.


- Sources – From mono to Dolby Atmos 9.1, a dedicated editor allows you to define the pattern of the sources. During the mixing, Sound Trajectory allows you to shape them in 3D: position, size, rotation, scale.


- Speakers editor – The speaker configuration is unlimited in number and position thanks to a clear, easy-to-use editing interface


-Video – Visualize video on virtual screen from integrated player or Syphon, Spout or digitizers for all formats from standard, up to VR 360.


- Osc & midi – Use the OSC protocol as input and output in order to control Sound Trajectory from another software or conversely in order to control other software from Sound Trajectory. Use the Midi protocol with 14 bit pitchbend in order to control the trajectories index.


- VST & ambisonic – Sound Trajectory comprises an auxiliary output for the processing of ambisonic sources with vst plugins. This auxiliary bus can be configured in ambisonic format up to the 3rd order in the following modes: FUMA, N3D or SN3D (ambiX).


- Dynamic session – A session can have as many scenes as you want. Each scene allows you to instantly store and recall all the parameters that you have edited or modified: trajectories, samples, position of the listener, etc…


Pricing and Availability

Sound Trajectory is available in a free edition, limited to 4 tracks, and a 320€ version, which can handle up to 32 tracks.

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