Sony Releases Official PSVR Stand

Sony Releases Official PSVR Stand
January 13, 2017

Need a place to put your headset?  Sony is now in the business of selling mannequin heads to place your VR Headset.  This is the Official PlayStation VR stand.  Heads up VR fans.


So you just got yourself the brand spanking new PSVR.  Awesome, but now you really have nowhere to put this thing when not in use.  Enter Sony’s Official PlayStation VR stand.  Make no mistake, this really is the official product.  Even if it looks like Sony just lobbed off the head of some poor mannequin.  You’ll be able to let your…mannequin “wear” your headset when not in use.  Have it displayed somewhere in your gaming room like some swanky piece of sci-fi tech.


The VR stand will be sold for around $36-00  however, it’s not yet confirmed when it will be available.

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