Say Hello To The First AR Messaging Platform

Say Hello To The First AR Messaging Platform
August 19, 2017

For many, Pokémon Go was a great introduction to the power of augmented reality. Now Neon wants to get people to message friends through its AR platform. By using geolocation, users can find friends and also connect with them by “placing” neon signs at specific locations.


Users can take a video of a place in the real world and then type in a few words, which turn into a neon sign in the app. The process will be fairly familiar to Snapchat users—except words transform into bright neon signs in this augmented reality world. Then, they can choose specific friends for the app to notify. One demo video shows someone utilizing the platform to notify friends about a house party later that night.


Neon calls itself the world’s first AR messaging platform. Currently, a beta version is available for people to try it out.

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