Samsung Files A Patent For A 200° FOV Headset

Samsung Files A Patent For A 200° FOV Headset
March 22, 2018

Samsung files a patent for incredible new virtual reality headset.

The limited field of view (FOV) found in today's virtual reality headsets is decreasing the immersive experience. Samsung found a way to boost the field of view to the natural human level. Humans have a slightly over 210-degree forward-facing horizontal arc of their visual field. A new patent outlines a virtual reality headset based on a curved display delivering a 200-degree FOV.


Current VR headsets with a flat display have only a FOV of maximum 110 degrees. The patented technology can be used for stand-alone, tethered and mobile VR headsets.


Samsung may use a cylindrical or spherical display type. In addition, one of the drawings is showing an HMD with a foldable smartphone, which also enables a larger FOV.


When Samsung is able to bring a virtual reality headset with 200 degrees field of view to the market is not known. The new exciting new VR headsets in 2018 are the new HTC Vive Pro and the soon to be released Oculus Go.


The new patent from Samsung, spotted by Dutch LetsGoDigital, can be seen here.

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