A Review Podcast For Low Vision VR Gamers

A Review Podcast For Low Vision VR Gamers
July 11, 2017

Hi guys. I am a legally blind VR enthusiast, and I do a lot of VR gaming - even compared to my sighted friends. I sometimes run into unique problems that only someone with a visual impairment would encounter, and I sometimes run into aspects of VR game design that work really well for someone with a visual impairment.


Anyway, I got to thinking that since I am essentially taking a gamble with every VR purchase, that I am privy to information that could be useful to others (granted, a very small group of others).


Pair that with my love of discussing VR and having no one around me to talk to about it, and you get VIVR - Visually Impaired Virtual Reality, a weekly review podcast for low vision enthusiasts of VR (specifically the Vive).


There are no ads and I benefit in no way financially for doing this, it's just something I am passionate about - so if this interests you at all or if you know someone who might find it interesting, please pass the info along.


It is on iTunes, Google and YouTube and this page I made in notepad has links to all 3.




Thanks, and if you have questions you can ask here or message me.

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